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Chemical Indicators

Discover a valuable set of resources to help explain and inform about chemical indicators.

Bioquell’s Chemical Indicators (HPV-CIs) are a simple and real-time way of measuring log reduction in an HPV cycle. While Biological Indicators (HPV-BIs) are necessary for validation of a cycle, our HPV-CIs have the advantage of providing instant visual reassurance about the outcome.

They are much cheaper than HPV-BIs and being a chemical reaction, there is less of the natural inherent variability that comes with Biological Indicators. This means that you can use the HPV-CIs with every cycle you run as an assurance.

They are very easy to use: just place them in the target areas so that the printed pattern is exposed to the peroxide and watch as the cycle progresses. There is also an unprinted area for writing on and making any notes.

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