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Bioquell Sequre Technical data

The Bioquell Sequre is a fixed hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination system which can be integrated into new builds or can be readily and rapidly retrofitted into existing rooms or pass-throughs (or MALS – material airlock systems).

It can be fitted rapidly and in a configuration to best meet the needs of the laboratory workers.The Bioquell Sequre can be used to decontaminate individual rooms in the building (as-needed basis); and the validation – and, critically, the re-validation - of the Bioquell Sequre is much faster than other large-scale decontamination systems which use the building’s HVAC pipework*.

Flexible configuration

Installation can be without the need to drill holes in the room or pass-through chamber – no need to pierce the walls of a validated enclosure.

  • Control the unit wirelessly or with a linked control unit.
  • Site the hydrogen peroxide bottle housing next to the vaporiser or next to the control system (HMI). 
  • Minimal foot-print overhang as it only protrudes 160mm from the wall. 
  • Readily cleanable.
  • Rapid validation process with the inclusion of an automatic cycle development algorithm. 
  • Works with a building’s HVAC system to purge the HPV at the end of the cycle.
  • Provides cycle capture data for GMP facilities.
  • Minimise wastage through a twin bottle system which also eliminates the need to decant peroxide.
  • The icon-based touch screen (HMI – human machine interface) is easy to use and intuitive – minimal training is necessary.

Although the Bioquell Sequre has been designed so that the hydrogen peroxide vapour is purged using the buildings HVAC system, it will also be possible to use Bioquell catalytic hydrogen peroxide purge filtration systems. 

*Other types of hydrogen peroxide vapour bio-decontamination process using HVAC systems can be adversely affected (and hence validation challenged) by the inevitable build-up of dust and organic matter in any HVAC pipework.