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Biological Safety Laboratory disinfection

Biological safety laboratories exist to allow work on varying degrees of hazardous biological agents. They are categorised in biosafety levels 1 -4 where BSL-1 is the lowest risk and BSL-4 the highest. Clearly protection of staff is of the highest importance in such facilities and over and above normal protective equipment, a clear plan for routine and emergency bio-decontamination is required.

The ability to decontaminate the facility in an emergency, without entering the affected rooms can be quite powerful. Ensuring that there is high efficacy of the disinfection agent used is vital as is the ability to use it without removing equipment. Being able to easily disinfect filter banks and HVAC systems are also desirable features.

Biological containment laboratories are critical for vaccine development, diagnostic studies as well as basic research into human, animal and plant pathogens. Laboratories wishing to operate safely and responsibly must implement management systems that ensure appropriate biosafety controls are identified and in place.

There are many different types of micro-organism which are handled in these laboratories, and each activity which is performed on the micro-organism might pose a risk.  Therefore, the risks should be evaluated, so that measures can be put in place to protect both the workers and the environment from being infected.

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