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Bioquell BQ-50 in corridorBioquell BQ-50 cover shotBioquell BQ-50 (annotated to highlight: easy to use; small and robust; eliminates HAIsBioquell BQ-50 in healthcare environment

Bioquell’s unique hydrogen peroxide vapour bio-decontamination technology works. It has been shown to reduce HAI rates in numerous independent, published scientific studies as well as ‘real-world’ deployments at top hospitals such as Johns Hopkins (USA).

Bioquell BQ-50

Automated room disinfection technology

  • Automatic and easy to use
  • Efficacious: kills pathogens
  • Small, lightweight and robust
  • Fast and residue-free
  • Swift deployment
  • Peace of mind that the job is done

The threat of increasing antibiotic resistance has driven the development of the new Bioquell BQ-50 – which draws upon all of Bioquell’s ‘microorganism’ eradication expertise and experience. 

. Lightweight | . Portable

. Quick setup | . Multi-use




Taking Control Fighting Infections

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We were expecting something so much more complicated, we were pleasantly surprised when we had the training.

Leading hospital trust in Wales

We have saved a lot of time by having equipment that works across a very wide range of humidity and temperature.

Leading hospital in Qatar

The BQ-50 is small enough to fit in the boot of our cars so we are able to transport the machine across our expansive site.

Private hospital trust in Qatar