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Bioquell Pod Customer Feedback

We have included a selection of the customer feedback received about the Bioquell Pod.

“Over the last two years we had been encountering increasing problems with the rapid spread of Acinetobacter baumannii on our open Intensive Care Unit – and to be honest we were struggling to know what to do. We had looked at some pretty unattractive ‘one-size-fits-all’ tents which we had rejected as being unacceptable to patients and healthcare workers. The Bioquell Pod solved our problem at a stroke: tailor-made side rooms with HEPA filtered air and lots of visibility – plus no further Acinetobacter baumannii problems. I would strongly recommend the Bioquell Pod.”
Infectious Disease Physician, Acute Care Hospital

“The public health authorities in the UK have been putting all hospitals under pressure to develop formal action plans to be deployed in the event of a CPE – carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae – outbreak. Our CPE risk assessment demonstrated that two of our multi-bed, ‘nightingale’ intensive therapy units appeared to be at high risk of experiencing significant levels of CPE transmission amongst our high risk patients. Four Bioquell Pods have enabled us to prepare a high quality CPE action plan. We still remain very worried about Colistin resistance – but the Pods give us a new weapon to combat this problem.”
Patient Care & Risk Management Team leader

“Although I knew that Bioquell’s Pod would help with our lack of side rooms and aid our infection control strategy, I was worried that it would compromise our patient care. However, the patients really like it and, due to the way it is made, we can give a better patient experience whilst maintaining high levels of visibility.”
Ward manager, Elderly care unit

“As an open unit, we had experienced some serious infection transmission issues compromising the safety of the patients. With only 2 side rooms on the unit and the Trust’s capital budget tied up on other projects, Bioquell’s Pod seemed like a great solution. Only 2 weeks after the site survey the Pods were installed and have been really well received by staff and patients alike. They have also drastically reduced our risk of cross infection and made us feel like we are providing the best possible care for our patients”
HDU Manager, Childrens Hospital

“Each winter we face a significant challenge in our hospital from a lack of single rooms. Last year the ‘flu season was relatively benign so we escaped fairly unscathed - but our administrators remain really worried about the cost of norovirus outbreaks as well as the increasing problems linked to antibiotic resistant bacteria (eg Klebsiella and Pseudomonas). Our original plan involved obtaining quotes for turning a four bed bay into two single rooms… …but in the current financial climate the hospital shelved the plans due to the massive costs, which in part related to the costs of closing the unit during the building works. However, Bioquell were able to propose their Pod system – which they put up without closing the ward. I hope we get another benign ‘flu season – but if we don’t we are certainly much better prepared with the Bioquell Pods already in place.”
Infection Control Manager

“CQC and Monitor started to put our institution under pressure due to inappropriate patient care – which was in part linked to the lack of appropriate single rooms. The rapid response from Bioquell – where we were able to go from ‘unit laser scan’ to Bioquell Pod deployment in two weeks – was brilliant. The Pod enabled us to address a large chunk of the regulators’ concerns about patient safety and patient care cost effectively and in a very short period of time.”
Patient Safety Manager

“We have had persistent problems with noscomial transmission of Acinetobacter baumannii in one of our transplant units for some months. We wanted to try some of the new ‘automated room disinfection’ systems on the market to remove the A. baumannii – but this appeared impractical due to the lack of single rooms - and our inability to close the unit. Bioquell helped us on two fronts. First, they designed and deployed their bespoke Pod units. Second, they trained us to use their hydrogen peroxide vapour room disinfection system. The combination has unquestionably helped us reduce our Acinetobacter baumannii rates.”
Manager, solid organ transplant unit

“As a way of quickly satisfying the clinical demand for more side rooms, the Bioquell Pod seemed a good approach. My team had to work with Bioquell to ensure a smooth deployment, so I was pleased to be involved from the start allowing me to quickly solve any issues or concerns relating to bed space services and the fabric of the building. All technical questions I posed to Bioquell were answered quickly and comprehensibly making the installation process painless.”
Manager, Estates and Facilities

“Our hospital provides acute care to a multi-ethnic and highly diverse patient population, a significant proportion of which travel frequently by air to lesser developed countries. Over the last few years we have begun to see more and more patients being admitted to the hospital who subsequently test positive for multi-drug resistant organisms, including carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae. One of our major challenges was limiting healthcare associated infection (HAI) rates in the ICUs from these CPEs. The hospital is in deficit so there is little investment available – and we were told that the proposed new side rooms in the ICU were simply unaffordable. After seeing the Pod at the IPS conference we were able to demonstrate to the hospital’s senior leadership team that the Bioquell Pod would generate real cost savings and improve patient care. The Pods were rapidly deployed in our ICUs with the minimum of disturbance. Magic!”
Infection Control Professional

“I wasn’t sure about the Bioquell Pod at first as I thought it would worry patients who were in it, especially if they did not have an infection, and make them feel a bit like they were in a goldfish bowl or on display. As it turns out all the patients really like it, especially as they know our deep clean team decontaminate it after an infectious patient has moved out so that it is a very clean and safe environment for them.  There is even jealousy from those on the open unit as they want to get away from their neighbours snoring!”
Senior Nurse, Acute Care Hospital

“We experienced a Gram-negative outbreak – involving all three of the ‘bad bugs’: Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumonia. It was pretty grim and very stressful. And horrid for our patients. One of the key – and best decisions – coming from our “outbreak post mortem” was to insist that further side rooms were built in our two key medical ICUs. The initial quotes from the hospital’s builders were so large that they were a non-starter. But the Pod from Bioquell appeared to give us everything we wanted. Happily they have turned out to be as good as the marketing blurb. My view: if you are worried about baumannii, Kleb or Pseud then the Bioquell Pod is a neat and elegant product you should consider carefully – and certainly is a key part of our solution to these Gram-negatives.”
Unit Manager, Intensive Care Unit

“Bed management and patient flows have been a nightmare for us this year – particularly due to A&E breaches. The hospital’s administration have been under huge pressure to improve this key performance indicator (KPI). More of the same was clearly not going to work. What actually solved the problem for us was the deployment of Bioquell Pods which gave us the ability to transfer high risk patients from the A&E into appropriate side rooms. The quick-to-deploy and tailor-made nature of the Pod gave us a rapid and well thought through solution. We will be getting more Pods.”
Bed management executive

“There were concerns raised by the ward staff over the risk of a crash occurring within the pod and our ability to react to it with the space constraints. Following a risk assessment we were satisfied that the Bioquell Pods do not present any operational issues – a fact that has been proven since they have been installed. If anything the limited space gives the added benefit that only critical team members are able to be around the patient and we don’t have to worry about moving other people out of the way.”
Resus team leader, Acute Care Hospital

“Our Trust was facing substantial fines due to a trajectory of above-target Clostridium difficile infections. Most of the CDI appeared to occur on two units with no side rooms. Since we deployed the Bioquell Pods we have seen a marked reduction in C.diff infection – and the trajectory of CDI has substantially reduced. From a practical point of view we couldn’t quite believe how fast and quietly the Pods could be deployed! Impressive. Well done Bioquell!”
Infection Control Professional

“One of the unexpected – but as it turned out really important - benefits of our new Pods was the improved sleep of our patients, due to the reduction in noise at night. An open high dependency unit (HDU) is normally quite noisy at night – and our patients have always complained about difficulties sleeping. But the Bioquell Pods have been transformational: well slept patients inside Pods – who we think get better faster. A real plus for patient care and clinical outcomes!”
Unit Manager, High Dependency Unit

“Our problem was clear: we had an open intensive care unit (ICU) with high rates of Gram-negative infection transmission – with a particular problem from Acinetobacter baumannii. The solution was also clear: we needed single rooms. But then things became difficult. We couldn’t close the ICU. We couldn’t afford the major building works. We had high HAI rates associated with MDROs. We were dependent on Colistin. In the end the solution we adopted was Bioquell Pods: fast, silent erection of tailor made Pods. They have undoubtedly helped us manage our Acinetobacter baumannii HAI problem.”
ICU infection control nurse

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