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Critical Care Units

Infections in a Critical Care Unit (CCU) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can have serious implications for the recovering patient given their huge level of susceptibility to unwanted pathogens. So maintaining an environment free from potential risks of infection is essential.

Additionally, should a HAI outbreak occur in a CCU or ICU, not only does the risk to patients increase, there is an additional knock on effect where elective surgery may be cancelled or postponed. Here such bed-blocking in the unit leads to an inability to transfer patients from the operating theatre to a suitable bedspace, hence surgeons are unable to carry out their life-saving work leading to longer waiting lists, potential bed blocking elsewhere in the hospital and frustrated patients and their families.

By successfully eradicating unwanted pathogens on a regular basis, and particularly targeting outbreaks with full deep-cleaning following patient discharge, managers can help to ensure their unit has the best chance to stay fully operational.

To also help manage infection challenges that can appear 'out-of-the-blue', Units should explore the introduction of specially segregated areas capable of partially isolating patients whilst allowing excellent observation and access for nurses and other medical professionals.

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