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Bioquell QuAD

When working to reduce HCAI rates, it is important to use a high quality bio-decontamination technology, backed by independent scientific research. It is also essential that the technology is incorporated successfully and seamlesssly into a hospitals operation.

To achieve a well-managed and effective integration of Bioquell's state-of-the-art bio-decontamination technology into the operations of a hospital, we have developed the Bioquell QuAD system, which provides robust quality assurance data about the Bioquell HPV bio-decontamination process.

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QuAD is incredibly user-friendly – users input data via their mobile device, which can be interpreted by Infection Control staff via secure website to track when and where a room was Bioquelled. This provides clear activity visibility, especially useful during audits.

Welsh University Hospital

Having means to track Bioquell cycles allows our Infection Control & Management teams to appreciate the difference hydrogen peroxide technology has in preventing infection. Clear graphical representation of all activity can be drawn in a matter of seconds.

Renowned hospital in central London

Analysing our approach to infection control is bolstered by the Bioquell-QuAD system: having purchased a BQ-50 unit, we were keen to ensure all cycles are recorded. QuAD seamlessly gives access to a wealth of data choices, all easily interpreted on the web.

Customer in Northern Ireland

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