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Bioquell Local


‘Bioquell in bulk’ – with price points for different numbers of rooms ‘bioquelled’ 

'Bioquell monthly subscription’ – where a monthly payment gives you access to lower cost room ‘bioquelling’

Bioquell Local

Flexible, cost effective decontamination.

  • Rapid response ‘bioquelling’
  • Volume based price points
  • ‘bioquelling’ with Bioquell technicians using Bioquell equipment to eliminate doubt
  • Efficient and rapid reporting, mindful of regulatory sensitivities

Bioquell Local is a service that can be tailored to fit: whether budgetary, regulatory, contractual, seasonal or periodic. For use in hospitals, hospital pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, universities, research institutes, CROs, production facilities and CMOs

Simply call in your locally-based Bioquell technician(s) as and when you require ‘bioquelling’. Using our latest technology, they will eradicate pathogens and HAIs from your hospital/healthcare environment. Get a no obligation quote or request more information using the form below.

. Experienced Team | . Cost-effective

. Discreet | . Customised




Read our customer success stories

We had a persistent Acinetobacter baumannii problem over several months in our Burns ICU which we could not stop – despite repeated deep cleans and other initiatives. We found Bioquell Local to be a cost effective, flexible and efficient way of removing Acinetobacter from the environment in single occupancy rooms - which we could see from molecular typing was causing clinical issues for our high risk & very sick patients. 

Burns ICU – Unit Manager

We are a busy BMT unit with very ill patients, particularly post harvesting of their stem cells when they often become neutropenic. Over recent years, we have had a major problem with Aspergillus fumigatus – and aspergillosis. Bioquell Local gives us what we want: rapid response from specialists who can eradicate Aspergillus spores. Patient safety has improved significantly since we started to use the service: it certainly works for our unit. And I would even recommend it!

BMT transplant co-ordinator

This year’s nightmare has been CPE (Carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae). We have had public health experts and officials from the regulators crawling all over our affected units. We found that Bioquell Local was a really effective way of helping us reduce the transmission of CPE – and the Bioquell deployment reports seemed to satisfy the external organisations that we were taking the CPE problem seriously and planning to solve it.

Infection Prevention & Control Manager