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Bioquell BQ-50 - technical information

Enhanced features and benefits

Latest generation pathogen killing technology

  • Simple to use with just 2 buttons: ‘start’ and ‘stop’
  • Most standard single patient rooms bioquelled in c. 1hr
  • Easy to lift and move – small, lightweight and robust core unit weighing only 20kgs
  • Simplified process monitoring technology – providing reliability with low service costs
  • Fully automated cycle calculations – adjusts for room size, starting temperature and starting relative humidity to ensure pathogen eradication in the shortest time
  • Estimation of when cycle completes, allowing for improved use of technician time during the 6-log decontamination process
  • Aeration unit (only 10kgs) doubles up as HPV distribution during bio-decontamination phase
  • Aeration units scalable: simply add more units for larger rooms (eg. ORs) – and all wirelessly controlled
  • 2 bottles minimises hydrogen peroxide consumable wastage: the BQ-50 uses first bottle, then switches to second bottle
  • Bespoke hospital transport system to ensure that all the equipment needed to operate the BQ-50 can be moved together
  • BQ-50 – uses Bioquell’s core HPV technology which is supported by extensive and unrivalled scientific research

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