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Making your QUBE even more efficient 

SafeSort Prescription Tower

Custom-built for use in QUBE, SafeSort individual patient prescription towers ensure optimum workflow efficiency in your pharmacy.  The Rx or CTx worksheet, along with precursors are loaded into the tower, allowing complete surface decontamination whilst keeping prescriptions separate.  Using these towers will not only aid good working practice, but help to avoid potential errors in compounding.  Designed to work with Bioquell's world leading Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology you can be confident of material compatibility.

safesort prescription tower.jpgsafe sort in action.jpg

Glove Integrity Test System

Regular checks on the glove integrity is essential to safe working in the QUBE. The glove test system operates simply by fitting into the sleeve shoulder ring and presurising each glove in turn. The QUBE system automatically inflates the glove and applies a one minute stabilisation check, then monitors pressure drop over two minutes. This protocol will detect a hole of 50 microns on latex cytotoxic gloves and 100 microns on thinner neoprene gloves.

qube integrity test system.png

Racking options

Racking is necessary during decontamination and aseptic operation to ensure correct presentation of items with minimal occluded surfaces. QUBE has two racking options, full and half sized. Full racking includes a base plate, full width bottle racks and a hanging rail with hooks. This option allows maximum storage of bottles, delivery devises and reagents for safe and convenient working, together with efficient biodecontaimation during HPV gassing cycles. The half rack is ideal for QUBE units containing the optional Millipore Steritest Symbio FLEX sterility test pump, with half width shelves and a hanging rail with hooks.

qube racking options.jpgqube racking.jpg

IV bag holder/glove extender

Fitting onto the rear QUBE rail, this optional item is ideal for stowing IV bags away from the direct working area in QUBE and maximising surface area during HPV biodecontamination cycles. It is also used to fully outstretch gloves during HPV cycling to ensure that there are no folds in the gloves that may house bioburden.

qube iv bag holder.jpg

Bioquell QUBE applications