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Bioquell HPV-CI chemical indicatorsBioquell HPV-CI chemical indicator pouchBioquell Biological and chemical indicators

Bioquell HPV-CI

Chemical Indicators

  • Chemical indicator designed for Bioquell’s HPV bio-decontamination process
  • Simple, visible indication of a successful HPV bio-decontamination cycle
  • Rapid and easy to read: real-time result

Bioquell HPV-CI enables the effectiveness of a Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination cycle to be understood as soon as the cycle finishes. Chemical indicators (CIs) are cards impregnated with an HPV-sensitive dye that changes colour in the presence of HPV.




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Using the Chemical Indicators is an excellent addition which gave us assurance in our new equipment.

Hospital in the North of England