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Room, bay and ward decontamination

Unwanted pathogens can quickly spread throughout a hospital if left unchecked. Once brought in to a healthcare setting, these pathogens they can also 'lurk' in corners, crevices and hard to reach surfaces, from where they can sometimes establish a bridgehead that initiates a new HAI outbreak. Regular manual cleaning helps but, due to the 'human element', it is unable to consistently reach all exposed surfaces. This means pathogen colonies can be left unchecked.

Ideally, a more automated system,providing full surface coverage using a highly efficacious active agent is the only sensible approach to ensuring the patient environment is as clean as it can be following the discharge of a occupant. Whether the occupant was in a sideroom, a bay or on a ward, only proven technology can provide assurance that the areas are clean for the next patient.

Use these products and services to help minimise HAIs

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