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TERM & other specialist production services from Bioquell

Bioquell has spent nearly a decade developing and perfecting a range of unique and proprietary internal production services – including its Technology Enhanced Rotational Moulding (TERM) group. 


Rotational moulding, also known commonly as rotomoulding (or sometimes rotamoulding), is a plastics moulding technology which is ideal for making hollow articles.

Initially we developed these skill sets and services for our own product range requirements – in large part on the back of a significant US military (JMDS) development programme.

However, over recent years we have been approached on an ad hoc basis by a number of third parties as a rotational molding manufacturer to carry out specific rotomoulding work packages for them; and we have now decided to offer this expertise as a formal service to clients who want to use next generation rotomoulding technology.

In summary, Bioquell’s TERM service comprises a turn-key solution relating to:

  • the design of products;
  • the design of specialist tooling; 
  • the manufacture of the tooling; and
  • the production of moulds or ‘product’ from the tooling.

 Please contact us for further information on Bioquell’s TERM & specialist production services.

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