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Bioquell BQ-50 in healthcare environmentBioquell BQ-50 (annotated to highlight: easy to use; small and robust; eliminates HAIs


  • 快速响应部署
  • 服务周到并专业化
  • 具有控制感染爆发的能力
  • 高效率

由Bioquell经验丰富的工程师执行操作,响应式服务项目是解决所有HAIs爆发的理想方案,包括诺如病毒、 艰难梭菌、不动杆菌属与CRE/CPE等病原体爆发的杀灭。它能帮助阻止细菌或病毒的爆发、人员伤亡的发生。该服务方案的有效性已经得到许多医院的认可支持,并有研究性论文发表了相关数据。 

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使用 Bioquell响应式服务


Pseudomonas discovery on our ICU after a water leak was an unnerving find. Fortunately we were able to decant the unit. Bioquell reacted immediately, with a team on-site within 24-hours – a matter of only hours later, the RBDS cycle was complete. Micro-testing confirmed the problem had been eradicated.

Hospital in the north of Scotland

A patient having an antibiotic resistant gram-negative bacterial infection occupied both an isolation room and theatre. Not taking any chances, Bioquell were called – professional staff and equipment were on-site within 2 days. The cycles were completed swiftly, with areas available for reuse within 12-hours of Bioquell’s arrival.

Portuguese hospital

Undoubtedly Bioquell can treat problems associated with a wide-range of HAIs. We use their hydrogen peroxide vapour technology as a focussed response to CPE events. Reaction time is frequently within 24-hours, allowing only minimal disturbance to admissions, though huge benefit through restricting cross-infection.

Group of London Hospitals